AN IMPORTANT piece of Windsor art has been ‘rediscovered’ after a four-year search by the great-grandson of the artist who painted it.

The ‘View of Windsor Castle from Eton Wick’ (circa 1943) was listed on ArtUK - the online 'bible' for public art displays - as being on display at the Guildhall in Windsor but was eventually discovered in a forgotten basement of Maidenhead Town Hall.

The search began in 2015 when Tudor Marsden-Huggins visited the Guildhall and was dismayed to find the painting ‘missing’. For several years he tried in vain to locate the piece, which was donated to the town by the renowned artist Wilfred Huggins in memory of his son Cllr Marsden Huggins who died aged 33 in 1947.

The painting was only located after Dr Brigitte Mitchell, chairman of the Windsor Historical Society stepped in last year. One of her members was aware of a number of historic artworks that had been left in the basement of Maidenhead Town Hall for decades.

She was able to persuade officers at the Royal Borough to search the basement and earlier this year Mr Marsden-Huggins was able to see the missing painting for the first time at a private viewing in the Mayor’s Parlour at Maidenhead Town Hall.

Tudor Marsden-Huggins is a businessman who still owns the family petrol station on St Leonards’ Road although he lives in Australia.

He said: “When I realised the painting was not where it was supposed to be I went into panic. My great-grandfather had donated the piece as a tribute to his son, and it was hoped Windsorians would be able to enjoy it in perpetuity.

“I want to thank the Windsor Historical Society and the Royal Borough for helping locate the painting. It’s in bad condition and we have nowhere to display it but I’m convinced we can find a way to bring it back to its former glory.”

Dr Brigitte Mitchell said: “This painting is one of the most important pieces of work in the civic collection and it is great news that it has been located. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for towns to forget about the artwork they own because officers and councillors change so regularly.

“Windsor Historical Society is delighted to work with the Huggins family to give residents back their right to enjoy this amazing piece.”