Heathrow has launched a three month consultation into its plans for a controversial third runway which it hopes to open in 2026.

The consultation covers proposals to build the new runway over the M25 as well as to reroute rivers, replace utilities and make major changes to the road network.

It does not include details of new flight paths - a further consultation on that is expected next year.

The consultation will include details on how the proposed 6.5 hour night flight ban will be introduced as well as how it is hoped the environmental impact of the expansion will be managed. There will be 43 open consultation events where people can ask questions and provide feedback.

The villages of Colnbrook and Poyle are likely to be affected by plans. The western end of the new runway will be located directly to their north. The Colnbrook By-Pass will be diverted in two directions.

The A4 Bath Road will be re-routed round the north of the runway and the A3044 will move to the west of the M25. The M25 will also need moving into a tunnel taking it closer to Poyle necessitating the demolition of a number of properties.

The area around the villages will be given replacement public open space and will be part of a section of the new Green Loop, which will provide a recreational route around the airport.

John Stewart, the chairman of HACAN the campaign group opposing the new runway said: “What hits you is the scale of these proposals.

"The impact on local people could be severe for many years to come. Disruption from construction, the demolition of homes, the reality of more than 700 extra places a day.”

A planning inquiry will be held this summer and the inspector overseeing it will make a recommendation to the Government which will have the final decision next year.

People wanting to take part can visit www.heathrowconsultation.com., email feedback@heathrowconsultation.com or freepost FREEPOST LHR AEC CONSULTATION