A new book called Struggle and Suffrage in Windsor provides a behind-the-scenes insight into women's lives in the town during Queen Victoria's reign.

They include Mariquita Tennant. She was the founder of the Clewer House of Mercy for fallen women, where she helped the impoverished women of Windsor. Her work was commemorated with a plaque to remember her effort of Clever House.

Lady Florence Dixie, traveller, author and feminist who lived in Windsor. She helped developed women's football and campaigned for Zulu rights, vegetarianism and Irish Home Rule. Florence was passionate that men and women should have equal rights in marriage and divorce.

Margaret Oliphant was a Victorian novelist who moved to Windsor with her two sons. She's an example of a Victorian women who was successful in her own right without needing to depend on a man for her home or income.

The author of the new book about them is Katharine Johnson who trained as a journalist, specialising in home and lifestyle magazines. She has lived in Ascot for nearly 20 years and is the author of three novels. When not writing, she can usually be found with her nose in a book, being a room guide in a historic house or walking her dog in Windsor Great Park.