Two men have been jailed after two cars were stolen in Slough in March.

At around 1.35am on March 2, a car was stolen from a property in St Paul’s Avenue. Around ten minutes later 1.45am, a car was stolen from a property in The Frithe.

Domantas Motiejunas, aged 33, of Railway Street, Gillingham and Arturas Baltusaitis, aged 23, of Woodlands Road, Ilford were jailed for eight months each following a hearing at Reading Crown Court last Friday.

Matiejunas and Baltrusaitis each pleaded guilty to a count of theft of a motor vehicle.

Investigating officer, Detective Constable Richard Whitehouse, based at Slough police station, said: “Thanks to the quick response from officers, Motiejunas and Baltrusatis were arrested shortly after the vehicles were taken.

“We do not tolerate this behaviour and take all reports of theft seriously and will work to bring offenders to justice.”