A DATCHET resident has shaved her head and donated her hair to a charity that makes wigs for sick children to mark a milestone birthday.

Laura Buck, who works in the finance department of the courier Yodel, set herself a range of C-themed challenges to support three charities close to her heart – including cutting her 12-inch long tresses and donating them to The Little Princess Trust.

She also wants to raise £2,000 for Alzheimer’s Society and Cancer Research UK by cutting out a range of treats from her diet for 80 days, including chocolate, caffeine, cake, crisps, cocktails, cookies and candy.

She said: “My family members have had cancer scares and more recently, an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, so I decided to set myself a series of challenges to raise money for those causes. The support I’ve had from my colleagues at Yodel has been fantastic.

“I’ve got hair down to my elbows, so it seemed a natural choice to take the plunge and donate it to children less fortunate than myself, while also raising money for my chosen causes.”

Four years ago, Laura and her daughter, Amy, who was then just four-years-old, cut their hair to shoulder length for the Little Princess Trust – but this time, Laura faced the razor on her own, shaving her hair off completely.

Her tresses will be sent to the trust to be made into wigs for children who have lost theirs through cancer or other illnesses, giving them the chance to have long hair again. Laura showcased her new look at Glastonbury.

To donate to Laura’s fundraising visit www.justgiving.com/Laura-Buck-removes-her-hair to give to the Alzheimer’s Society or www.justgiving.com/Laura-Buck-hair-no-more to support Cancer Research UK.