Calling all chocolate lovers.

Your dream job could be awaiting you.

Mars Wrigley has announced that the company is searching for professional tasters to join their team at the headquarters in Dundee Road, Slough.

No experience is necessary - candidates are encouraged to apply if they considered themselves to have 'good taste buds'.

They face a rigorous interview process requiring them to rate different foods on a scale of one to 15 for how sweet, savoury, bitter or salty they are.

The lucky eight selected to get a the job will have six months of intensive taste training before beginning work as a real-life Willy Wonka. The process will involve teaching the brain to identify the different scents, flavours tastes and textures of chocolate.

Linda Lopez, senior sensory manager at Mars Wrigley said: “We are thrilled to be recruiting for our next group of chocolate tasters. We encourage anyone that has an interest in the textures and tastes of chocolate to apply – we’ll train you in the rest.”

Candidates will also be given the responsibility to identify new ways to eat products and will be involved in new product development.

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