Young members of Old Windsor Pre-School might not know much about Queen Victoria yet - but they helped their village make a big contribution to her 200th birthday celebrations last week.

They gathered at the Memorial Hall in Straight Road to join local artist Janet Craig in painting a large ceramic lion cub that will be displayed in the Queen's honour.

Nearby Windsor is planning to celebrate the birth of Victoria with a sculpture trail through the town made up of a pride of lions painted by some top contemporary artists - and Old Windsor was determined not to get left behind.

So with the sponsorship of the parish council the village acquired its own acrylic lion.

Janet runs the Hands-on Art studio in St Luke's Road where she holds classes in pottery, painting and ceramics.

She was joined by Old Windsor Parish Council chairman Jane Dawson at the Memorial Hall as the pre-school youngsters got to work painting the village's own ceramic lion cub.

The lion soon be on view at Hands-on Art -marking the village's own royal birthday tribute to a legendary historical Queen.