Hopes are rising that the popular Wyevale Garden Centre in Dedworth Road might avoid the fate of its nearest rival.

Wyevale which has its main entrance in Dedworth Road existed for years alongside the nearby Squires Garden Centre in Maidenhead Road.

But angry supporters feared the loss of both after the Royal Borough proposed releasing areas of Green Belt surrounding the garden centres for housing, as part of their proposed borough plan - which is still awaiting the approval of the Government.

Squires closed last year and a planning application has been put in by developers to build 37 houses on the site.

Residents feared the same would happen to Wyevale - particularly when it was learned that developers Wates had bought the land.

But this week Royal Borough councillor Jon Davey (West Windsor Residents Association: Clewer and Dedworth West) had good news after having a meeting at Wyevale with Simon Knight, the director of special projects at Wates.

Fellow ward councillor Carole Da Costa also attended.

The meeting left them feeling reassured.

Cllr Davey said: "My hope now is that Wyevale will continue trading at Windsor. Since Squires closed business has gone up and it is now one of the top 10 branches.

"My big hope is that the site can stay in the Green Belt."

Mr Knight confirmed after the meeting that Wates was allowing Wyevale to continue on the site on a rent free basis with a 'flexible notice period'.

He said: "This is enabling Wyevale to maintain continuity of employment and occupancy of the site, including a coffee shop."

But he warned: "In the coming years a more future solution is necessary."

He said Wates was committed to constructive engagements with the community when to came to meeting housing needs, implying some sort of housing development could still be on the cards in the long term.