Angry Burnham residents say they feel “victimised” after a long-standing parking restriction in their street has been re-enforced - after more than two decades.

The restriction, in Summers Road, mean that the bays outside houses in the street can only be used for an hour between 8am and 6pm Monday to Saturday.

Bucks County Council, which enforces on-street parking, said while the restrictions are not new, they were not previously enforced due to poor signage.

Resident Ron Butler said: “A disputed parking restriction, put in without consultation, not enforced (or even maintained) for the best part of 30 years, is now being enforced.

“[It is] making long term residents – many of whom are retired – move their vehicles from outside their homes just so that other vehicles can park there during the day.

“A constant string of vehicles can park there – all day – provided they don't stay more than an hour.

“The very fact that a constant stream of vehicles can park shows that there is no safety issue; there is no access issue; it is just to prevent residents parking outside their own homes.

“Anyone can park there but not us. If we do, they will ticket the cars – what a wonderful way for the council to make money from pensioners.”

Mr Butler, a part-time teacher, said residents are being forced to park their cars in the surrounding streets, putting pressure on residents there “who are already struggling”, adding they only heard about the enforcement when a warden started ticketing cars earlier this month.

He said: “Imagine coming home one day and, without notice, finding you were no longer able to park outside your house – this is what has happened to us.

“It is an outrageous act by the council which is penalising long term residents of Burnham village. We feel victimised.”

Mark Averill, head of highways at BCC, said: “The signage has now been replaced and Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) is now in a position where enforcement can commence.

“It is not necessary for a consultation on an existing restriction being enforced, which is why residents will not have been notified of the parking restrictions beginning to be enforced again.

“The restrictions, when first implemented, were as a consequence of local residents and shop owners complaining that workers from local businesses were leaving their cars in place all day, every day.

“The restrictions were designed to deliver the best balance between residential and business need in the area and so encourage turnover of spaces as well as providing much needed unrestricted parking for residents overnight.

“TfB has received requests to enforce these bays as well as to review the restrictions and look at new ones. A full review of the area and the High Street parking restrictions is ongoing.”