Students at a mental health support college in Slough enjoyed a visit from the new mayor who presented certificates to all the peer mentors at a thank you lunch.

The event, on Thursday last week, was for all peer mentors who have been students at Hope College, in Pursers Court.

All mentors were presented with certificates on the day to show appreciation for their achievements individually and collectively.

Slough mayor Cllr Avtar Kaur Cheema, speaking on the day, said: “We can all learn from each other and be validated as human beings.

“This is the powerful concept and philosophy that has been implemented across our mental health services, and at the heart of the development are the peer mentors, who have achieved so much, as each person progresses through Hope Recovery College, and then completes the peer mentoring programme.

“Each peer mentor has overcome so many hurdles and problems to reach this stage of their personal development.

“In the process each person has been supported and been seen for the unique individuals they are and with so much to offer others coming through mental health services.

“It is with pleasure and pride that I attend the event today, and give personal congratulations to all of the peer mentors.

“My final words are about recognising all of the staff from Slough mental health services, who have the courage of their own convictions, and contribute to this amazing and inclusive way of working with people.

“It is with pride that I say well done to all.”

Hope College delivers educational courses and activities to people with mental health conditions.

The purpose of the college is to provide “hope, opportunity and control” for every student, enabling and empowering them to reach their full potential.