A public meeting at Windsor's historic Guildhall next week will reveal how much support there is for a new body to give the town an independent voice within the Royal Borough.

A petition has already been launched calling for a new Windsor Town Council to be created.

It would have the same powers as the Royal Borough's 14 parish councils - offering an extra layer of democratic accountability to Windsor after what some see as years of domination by Conservative dominated Maidenhead.

Neighbouring Eton has its own Town Council - with parish council powers - and the proposed new Windsor Town Council would operate at the same level.

If the petition calling for a Town Council attracts 1,500 names the issue will have to be debated by the Royal Borough. There are already 1,000 signatures.

There has been a growing feeling that the Royal Borough's ruling Conservative administration is too Maidenhead orientated. There are nine councillors serving the 32,000 residents living in the area from Windsor town centre across Clewer and Dedworth which is covered by the petition - only three are Conservatives.

But Richard Endacott, who is chairman of West Windsor Residents Association, said: "This is a non-political petition. we are taking a bi-partisan approach to secure the future of our wonderful town for the next 100 years."

The meeting at the Guildhall is next Friday, August 16 at 7pm and will be chaired by former mayor of the Royal Borough Dee Quick, a veteran Conservative councillor who lost her seat at the recent election.

The meeting will offer a clear view of how many people would support a Town Council for Windsor.

If the Royal Borough refuses to agree to a Town Council after a debate, a second petition signed by 10 per cent of the affected population in the unparished area would ensure a 'governance review' committee being set up to make aq final decision.

This week the Royal Borough's council leader Simon Dudley made it clear he was not dismissing the idea of a Town Council for Windsor.

He said: "We need to see the level of interest so we can gauge this better. It is up to the people who live in this area as individuals.

"It would come at a cost, Town Councils don't run themselves. We will see the level of public interest."