Newly born kittens found abandoned in a Slough cemetery are looking forward to living bright new lives, thanks to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in Old Windsor.

The kittens, all of which are different ages and from different litters were found by a member of the public in June - before they were brought into the rescue centre at Priest Hill.

Battersea staff have named the eight kittens after famous gothic writers because of where they were found - they answer to Edgar, Poe, Shelley, King, Bronte, Oscar, Daphne and Dante.

As all of the kittens were too young to be away from their mothers, all eight have been hand reared by Battersea staff and volunteers.

It is likely that the kittens had been abandoned by their mothers - something that is typical during warmer months.

Georgia Randall, cattery team leader at Battersea Old Windsor said: “We definitely see more kittens appearing at our centres during the warmer months, but none have come in quite such mysterious circumstances than our seven cemetery kittens.

“Although we may have named them after gothic writers famous for their love of terror and the macabre, these kittens are anything but. They’re all extremely cute, and all such wonderful characters that they’d make an excellent addition to any home.

Most of the cemetery eight have new families lined up for them, but Shelley and Dante are still on the lookout for a safe place to call home. If you’re interested in rehoming a cat, visit