Fitness coach Salvatore Bruno has been recovering this week after a gruelling 48 hour cycling marathon that left him with an injured Achilles tendon - and he managed it without leaving the gym.

Salvatore, 42, regularly takes on challenges to raise money for the British Heart Foundation - his dad Carlo died from heart disease in 2015.

His latest challenge was a sponsored two day ride of the exercise bike at the Five Star gym in Vale Road, Windsor without any breaks or any sleep, starting at noon on Friday and ending Sunday at noon.

All went well until 20 hours in, early Saturday morning.

Salvatore, who lives in Straight Road, Old Windsor said: "My Achilles tendon flared up. By that time I was in no state of mind to make any decisions about whether to stop or carry on so my other half Karolina and my osteopath Sam made the decision for me.

"He worked on me for a bit, then strapped me up and I carried on."

He completed the 48 hours and raised £2,246 for his chosen charity.

Salvatore says he could not done without the help of friends and supporters who kept him company throughout the ordeal - led of course by his partner Karolina Jurkiewicz and osteopath Sam Hall.

He said: "I did not really appreciate it at the time - it was all a bit of a blur but I am grateful to all those people who came down."

His Just Giving address can be found at