A man who did not provide adequate food, water and shelter for two dogs and a six week old puppy has been banned from owning any pet.

Adam Lines, 30, also caused unnecessary suffering to one of the dogs and her puppy which needed veterinary treatment for visible conditions.

Slough Borough Council’s resilience and enforcement team were contacted in January this year after concerns the dogs were constantly barking and in distress.

When officers arrived at Hetherington Close, Britwell, they found the mother a black Patterdale Terrier and her black puppy in a garden.

There was little access to food and water and no adequate shelter for the animals.

A warrant was obtained and when officers arrived they found a third dog, a brown Springer Spaniel, which was also being neglected.

All the dogs were taken away from the property and assessed by vet who found the dogs had been suffering and a decision was made to prosecutMr Lines appeared at Reading Magistrates’ Court on Friday or sentencing after he had admitted five counts under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 at an earlier hearing.

He admitted on January 8 this year he failed to provide for all three dogs “a suitable environment… adequate food and drinking water and failing to protect them from injury and disease.”He also admitted failing to get medical attention for the puppy, in relation to its poor condition and bloated abdomen, and the black Patterdale Terrier which had suffered fur loss and itchy skin as well as failing to ensure she was well nourished.

Magistrates sentenced Mr Lines to a 12 month community order, ordered him to complete 80 hours of unpaid work and he was disqualified from owning any animal for a minimum of five years. He was also ordered to pay £700 towards the council’s costs of the prosecution.

All three dogs were surrendered in January and were quickly rehomed and nursed back to health.