The animal kingdom was well represented at Herschel Park in Slough last week when families took advantage of a visit by Basil and Crew's mobile farm to keep children entertained during the summer holiday.

Children were able to get up close and personal with ponies, donkeys, lambs, rabbits, chickens and ducks.

Basil and Crew provides an essential connection with the natural world in a safe and supervised environment.

A report on out of classroom education was released in 2003 by 11 organisations joining together to form the Real World Learning Partnership.

The report highlighted the importance of getting children out of the classroom, no matter what time of year - a call taken up by Slough.

A week before the Herschel Park event a Playday took place at Salt Hill Park, attended by Thames Valley Police and Slough Fire Station and offering a range of physical activities designed to help children enjoy the great outdoors.