A weekend of countrywide protests reached Windsor on Saturday as angry opponents of Boris Johnson's decision to suspend Parliament gathered on the bridge into Eton.

One banner made specific reference to the Prime Minister's education at the famous nearby college describing Mr Johnson as an 'Eton mess', while another described him and his advisor Dominic Cummings as a 'stain on democracy' and a third was even ruder.

But if the banners were rude the demonstration was not.

The spacious Windsor and Eton bridge left plenty of room for passers-by to get past the demonstrators who amounted to 150 at one point, following promotion of the social media.

Margery Thorogood from Windsor Labour party said the police had been informed in advance and a spot picked that would not need special permission.

She said: "We got a lot of supportive hoots from passing boats. A lot of people walking by stopped and joined in. There was some chanting but nothing to provoke trouble, after all this is Windsor."