Slough's MP Tan Dhesi has launched a blistering attack on MP Boris Johnson in parliament - as the angry Brexit debate spilled over into a second day this week.

Referring to the famously controversial article written by Mr Johnson which appeared in the Telegraph he demanded an apology from the PM.

Indicating other MPs he said: "If I decide to wear a turban or you decide to wear a cross or he decides to wear a kippah or a skull cap or she decides to wear a hijab or a burqa does that mean it is open season for right honourable members to make rude or derogatory remarks about our appearance?

"For those of us who from a young age have had to endure and face up to being called names like 'towel head' or 'Taliban' or who have been told we have come from Bongo Bongo Land, we can appreciate full well the hurt and pain felt by already vulnerable Muslim women being described as looking like bank robbers or letter boxes. "

To cheers, extended applause and shouts of 'go on' from opposition MPs and with his voice breaking with emotion he said: "When will the Prime Minister finally apologise for his derogatory and racist remarks which have led to a spike in hate crime."

Conservative members stayed silent speaker as the cheers from Mr Johnson's opponents continued before John Bercow shouted his notorious call for 'order', announcing firmly 'the response from the Prime Minister will be heard'.

Mr Johnson hit back at Mr Dhesi, addressing him directly as he said: "If he took the trouble to read the article again he would see it was a strong defence of everybody's right to wear whatever they want in this country. I speak as someone not only proud to have Muslim ancestors but to be related to Sikhs such as yourself.

"I'm also proud to say that under this government we have the most diverse cabinet in the history of this country."

The angry exchange stood out among the many others that are characterising one of the most extraordinary weeks in the history of British politics.