An 86-year-old woman crippled by osteoarthritis says she is still having to wash standing up at a sink four years after asking Slough council to provide a wet room that would ease her suffering.

Anne Lane, of the Frithe, Slough, has lived in her house for 40 years.

Her husband Graham said: "I phoned the council two months ago and was told we were still number 64 on a waiting list."

Mrs Lane says she does not want to go out any more because she does not feel she has been able to get herself properly clean. She says she is permanently sore because of the difficulty she has washing without being able to use the bath.

The couple say that the council did provide equipment to help Mrs Lane get into the bath but she found she could not use it because her condition meant it stopped her being able to reach the taps.

Mr Lane says that his wife's son actually agreed to provide a wet room for free but the council refused to give permission for the work to take place.

The couple say they have worked hard over the years to keep their council home in good condition.

He said: "We paid £2,000 for a gate in the garden - we have looked after the property but they will not look after us."

A spokesman for Slough Borough Council’s said its occupational health team has worked with Mrs Lane to get a stairlift installed as well as providing bath equipment.

"We have also supported after another assessment an application for a level access shower, sometimes known as a wet room which has been approved. This work is now on a waiting list to be carried out.

"Each case receives a points score to determine their position on the list and Mrs Lane is now number 48. Unfortunately, this can take some time, as there are lots of residents who require modifications to their homes to make independent living easier. As a result the council is currently reviewing how it can make the process quicker."