A 63-year-old woman who may have less than a year to live is trapped in a third floor flat with no access to the outside world - despite pleas for help to Slough Borough Council.

Lorna Morrell, 63, lives with her partner John Povey, 68 in Reddington Drive, Langley.

She suffers from myeloma and has had two stem cell transplants and high dose chemotherapy. She has suffered a series of strokes and cannot walk.

Mr Povey arranged for her to move into his council flat in 2014 so he could look after her.

He said: "An occupational therapist from the council came in June and sent a report saying she needed to be moved to a downstairs flat. A fire officer has visited three weeks ago and said there is definitely a safety issue because of the stairs - an ambulance crew would have a terrible problem if there was an emergency.

"Lorna would also love to be able to get outside but is stranded here. A wheelchair would be no use with two flights of stairs to get down."

They have applied for Mrs Morrell to be rehoused but were shocked to be informed that she had been given a B category priority instead of an A category as an urgent medical case. They forwarded a letter to the council from GP Dr Neel Patel from the Herschel Medical Centre saying that Mrs Morrell was at a 'potentially terminal stage of life with a progress of less than a year'.

The letter confirmed she was on their 'end of care' register.

The couple appealed and received a written confirmation from the council in July - but still no offer of a new downstairs flat.

A surprise visit last week by the deputy mayor has raised hopes again - Mr Povey says he promised to intervene on their behalf.

A Slough Borough council spokesman said: “We are very sorry to hear about Mrs Morrell and her situation and our thoughts are with her and her family at what must be a very difficult time.

“Unfortunately, all ground floor properties are currently full but we are assessing Mrs Morell as quickly as we can and we hope to be able to offer them accommodation very soon.

“We are sorry to hear there is confusion about their position and the paperwork and will be contacting them as a matter of urgency to discuss the matter further.”