A woman whose efforts have helped numerous apprentices to start their working lives has won an award.

Dominique Unsworth, 41, from Slough, has won the Royal Air Force Award for Apprenticeship Champion of the Year.

Her win was announced at the National Apprenticeship Service's South East award ceremony held at Mandolay Hotel, Guildford on Thursday.

The National Apprenticeship Service, part of the Skills Funding Agency, is a government agency that coordinates apprenticeships in England, enabling young people to enter the skilled trades.

Dominique manages the Resource Production, a small eight staff social enterprise within the creative industries, engaging with 3000 clients each year.

She works directly with six Berkshire Unitary Authorities development officers and adult learning providers to raise awareness and engagement with apprenticeships.

She has worked with training provider DiVa to encourage Screen Skills and the BFI to invest in apprenticeships and regularly gives talks at school career fairs and business networks to encourage more organisations to consider apprenticeships, as well as volunteering support to companies such as Disney in exploring apprenticeships.

She now goes forward to be a potential winner at the national awards ceremony in London in November.