A 36-year-old mum who turned personal experiences of anxiety and heartbreak into powerful and inspiring poetry has just published her second book.

Harmeet Kaur Bharya lives in Wexham with her husband Harminder and daughter Harleen, eight. She works as an accounts manager for the Langhams Estate Agent run by her husband in Slough High Street.

Harmeet successfully struggled against post natal depression after the birth of her daughter - but losing the twins she was expecting through a miscarriage in 2015 had a devastating affect on her mental health.

She said: "I could not leave my home, it was impacting on my daily life.

"I did not want to take medication so I tried a holistic approach - cognitive behavioural therapy, spiritual healing, reflexology and I got better.

"But then I had another miscarriage in 2017 and I knew I did not want to go through all that again."

So she started writing poetry. Her first book Poetic Secrets, published last summer through Troubador, has been a great success. Her second book Poetic Gratitude launched last week hit number three on the Amazon hot new releases chart for poetry within just a few hours.

Harmeet said: "My poetry has become the ongoing therapy which helps me live and cope with anxiety. I want people to know that if you struggle with anxiety depression, it is possible to find your happy place.

"I struggle to put into words how this collection came together. I believe these messages were sent to me from a greater power beyond our human understanding. These poetic messages would come to me when I was doing all sorts from cooking dinner, to showering. I could be anywhere, doing anything and these flood of messages would speak loud in my mind and I would squiggle them down."

To promote the book she has launched her own 'random acts of kindness' campaign, leaving 100 copies in a variety of locations across the Slough area for people to pick up and take.

She said: "I believe that the way the universe works will see the book gets to the right people."

She has dedicated her new book to her daughter Harleen.