A special event entitled Giving Back with Gratitude was held to celebrate veteran members of the community at the Golden Cross Heathrow Bar and Kitchen near Colnbrook.

Parish councillor Joycelyn John teamed with Gabriela Maria Petre to stage it.

Cllr John said: "The guests were invited to share the most three powerful words that describe the best of their life journey in the UK. It is interesting that in one way or another these experiences had something in common which describe a few important things that UK offers to all of us regardless of where we are coming from, who we are and how we are.

"We thank those local businesses from Berkshire and Poyle Trading Estate Colnbrook who generously donated and supported this event making it amazingly vibrant."

One guest Gina Johnson in her 80s was given a special award for the kindness and friendship she had shown to friends and neighbours throughout her life.