Stoke Green Cricket Club has played host to a Unity Cricket Tournament - designed to bring communities from across the Slough area together.

A big crowd gathered to watch the event which climaxed with a final played between Wexham XI and Langley Patwar XI. Wexham XI won by 7 runs and become the winner of the second Slough Unity Cricket Tournament.

Amir Shahzad scored 35 runs and two wickets to become man of the match. The winners and runner up were presented with a trophy and a cash prize by Mayoress of Slough Harpreet Cheema.

The event saw six teams taking part and faith leaders from Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Christian, Buddhas and Humanist gave their support.

The event was organised by the Sikh Welfare Association along with the Mustaqbill Future Foundation which promotes community cohesion and Slough Borough Council's Breaking Boundaries programme which aims to bring different ethnic and faith communities closer together through cricket.