A new bus lane outside Slough's Wellington Street Sainsbury's has been attacked as a 'predatory money collection scheme' after raising nearly £100,000 in fines since being put into operation in May.

Disgruntled Eton resident Duncan Reed says both his son and his wife have been fined after being photographed in the 40m long bus lane.

Mr Reed says his son had just one wheel in the lane and said: "The entrance to Sainsburys is so close to the roundabout that it is difficult if not dangerous, to avoid straying into the bus lane.”

He was so annoyed that he used a Freedom of Information request to find out how much money the lane had raised for the council in fines and found that since it was established on May 16 erring drivers had had to fork out £93,420.

But his complaint was rejected by a Slough Borough Council spokesman who questioned Mr Reed's claim that space was so tight it forced drivers to skim the edge of the bus lane for safety's sake.

A council spokesman said: "There is ample space to pull into Sainsbury's. The bus lane has been marked and signed and and meets all the regulations.

"If people don't wish to be fined I would suggest they pull into Sainsbury's more carefully."