Community minded neighbours got together on Saturday to clear an overgrown path used by dog owners and children on their way to school.

The path at the end of Illingworth in St Leonard's Hill, Windsor had become more and more overgrown over the years and two residents Hamesh Sharma and Amanda Weedon decided to rally some support from neighbours to do something about it.

About 15 volunteers gathered at the path on Saturday morning and spent five or six hours clearing rubbish and brambles.

Mr Sharma said: "It was a great community event. We had cakes and biscuits to keep us going and filled five or six bags."

They were joined by recently elected councillor Helen Price who represents the Clewer and Dedworth East ward, who also arranged for the bags to be collected.

Now the residents are hoping the Royal Borough will undertake some of the heavier clearance work that the volunteers on their own could not do.

Mr Sharma said: "The next stage is to get the council to retarmac the path and improve the lighting. We were thinking particularly of children who use it - one of my children fell into some brambles which decided me we should do something about it ourselves."