A 'Mothers Together' walk through Slough on Saturday saw a whole community express its grief over the death of 15-year-old Elton Gashaj - while indicating its determination to change things.

The walk was organised by Julie Siddiqi, a 48-year-old mother of four and community organiser. It went from Baylis Memorial Gardens to Salt Hill Park - where Elton died suffered a fatal stab wound in broad daylight on Saturday, September 21.

The mums taking part in the walk were joined by councillors and other community leaders - as well as a number of men. A wide variety of backgrounds and ages were represented.

Mrs Siddiqi said it had been particularly painful when the walkers arrived at Salt Hill Park.

She said: "I found it difficult to speak at first, standing on the grass so near to where it happened. We had a one minute silence and I asked everybody to use that time to think of something practical they could do.

"Any of us could find ourselves in this situation. You should not judge individual families, you just have to try and help."

Several of the walkers had stories to tell. One man in his 20s described his grief over the death of his brother and his own involvement in the same gang culture when he was 14.

Mrs Siddiqi has lived in Slough since 1996. She went to Elton Gashaj's funeral and was struck by the number of young friends there.

She said: "They were clearly shocked. It clearly made a real impression on them and brought the reality of carrying knives close to home.

"Slough is a small town and that gives us a real opportunity. There is pride in the town, people feel a connection. We all feel a need to take this back, not let it get worse and worse."

*You can contact Mothers Together on motherstogether19@gmail.com