Extended ‘stop and search’ continues to be a way of life across the Slough borough, having been reintroduced on Tuesday after a four day hiatus.

Section 60 orders giving the police the right to stop and search individuals without having specific grounds for suspicion were first introduced on Friday, September 27 following the fatal stabbing of 15-year-old Elton Gashaj the previous Saturday in broad daylight on Salt Hill Park. A second horrifying incident happened four days later in Station Road, Langley - again in broad daylight - when a man in hos 20s was stabbed and badly injured.

A 15-year-old has been charged with murder and a 17-year-old with grievous bodily harm.

The original 24 hour Section 60 order was renewed on a daily basis for a week, finally expiring on Friday, October 4.

It was reintroduced four days later on Tuesday of this week and was renewed for a second time today until lunchtime tomorrow. Police have not indicated if they will continue it over the weekend.

During the first run of extended ‘stop and search’ orders police made 13 arrests after carrying out 250 searches - for offences ranging from possession of weapons to robbery and possession of controlled substances.

The area covered by the orders extends throughout the borough, taking in the villages of Langley - where one of earlier attacks occurred - Colnbrook and Cippenham.

Chief Inspector Lee Barnham, Deputy LPA Commander for Slough, said: “Section 60 is an infrequently used power and it was never intended to be in place permanently. The orders exist to help the police prevent serious violence and the police can use these powers where serious violence has taken place or where the police think it may take place. The new order will not be permanent but it is necessary for the time being.”

l If you are searched either under a Section 60 order or Stop and Search the officer will tell you why they are searching you, what they are looking for, tell you their name and where they work and will also ask you if you want a copy of the search record.