Young people with disabilities will find it easier to travel around the Slough borough thanks to a new project.

Slough Borough Council’s sustainable transport team Better by has trained eight ambassadors who will encourage and support people to travel independently.

The ambassadors from special needs schools and related organisations completed a two day training programme run by experts from Ealing Mencap Project Travel Skills.

They were welcomed by Cllr Rob Anderson on the first day of training which started at The Curve, followed by a trip on public transport in the town centre.

Ambassadors were encouraged to consider the potential obstacles disabled young people face on public transport - such as not knowing to get their payment out before boarding a bus, or coping with bullying and abuse at bus stops.

Catherine Back, Ealing Mencap travel training manager, said: “It empowers them to become confident and enables them to make their own decisions - not just when travelling, as the skills learned are transferable in all areas of their lives."

Ramandeep Gogna, Better by sustainable travel officer, said the eight ambassadors could help around 300 people as they take the training back to their own organisation to role play with their clients.

She said: “This is an excellent project to support young people, especially with disabilities, into jobs and training. Being able to travel on public transport is an essential skill for everyone.