Slough Borough Council is standing firm against growing complaints from motorists fined after straying into its bus lanes.

A fortnight ago the Observer reported a complaint from an Eton resident whose son was fined after a wheel slipped over into the new bus lane outside the new Wellington Street Sainsbury's. He described the bus lane as a 'predatory money collection scheme'.

Now Steve Noonan, 58, has hit out after being fined when he clipped the edge of the bus lane next to the bus stop in Sussex Place, Slough.

Mr Noonan, of Stanley Green, Langley, says that arrows pointing straight ahead as cars head up Sussex Place towards London Road encourage drivers to move into the inside lane on the three lane highway. They are then immediately faced immediately with a bus lane on the inside and have to move out again quickly to avoid.

He said: "My elderly father likes me to stay on the inside lane and I found it did not have time to entirely avoid the bus lane. I have been caught out and fined, so have two members of staff at the care home where my mother is.

"It is happening to a lot of people. The signage ensures that drivers are going to accidentally end up on the bus lane."

But his complaint got an icy response from Slough Borough Council. A spokesman said: “The bus lanes in Slough all conform to legal requirements and the onus is on motorists to take notice of all road signs when driving.

“If a motorist contravenes a traffic requirement and drives in a bus lane while it is in operation, they will receive a penalty charge notice.”