Anger is growing over a massive pothole in the road by the level crossing at Datchet Railway Station.

The pothole has been there for about three weeks and Cllr David Cannon, who is ward councillor for Datchet on the Royal Borough, has sent a furious message to Network Rail, demanding action.

His message warns Network Rail: "This is not the first time it has been reported in recent days, by numerous people. This quickly growing hole has filled with water and is a danger to road users, who are unaware of the depth and this is causing damage to cars and other cars to swerve towards oncoming traffic or pedestrians to avoid it . Please can you expedite it’s repair before more cars are damaged ( at I believe your liability) or somebody is seriously hurt."

Sebastian Smith, who uses the road regularly, said he had contacted the police and the Borough Council about the pothole which he believes has now become really dangerous since recent heavy rain.

He said: "With police intervention and pressure hopefully Network Rail will rise from their slumber or coma. Everyone keep up the pressure, maybe a man with a spade might turn up."