A campaign is underway to find 'forever homes' for six children aged four to seven who have been waiting more than a year for families to adopt them.

The team at the Slough Children’s Services Trust (SCST) is using the fact that it is National Adoption Week to highlight the situation.

Two of the children are sister and brother Hannah and Fin, who love being together.

Their current foster carer said: “Hannah and Fin get on really well – they play and have lots of fun together. Hannah is an active and happy girl, she enjoys school and has lots of friends. She is very mature for a five year-old. She loves to play with her dolls and play make believe games with her brother. She also loves going out to new places and having new experiences.

"One of her favourite things is watching the Greatest Showman and singing along to it and since Hannah has lived with us she has become confident and independent. A forever family would give Ella security and allow her to reach her full potential. Her brother, Fin, is four and full of life, happy and caring, with a great sense of humour. He loves being active, playing outside and playing with other children. Fin loves being read stories, playing football and playing with cars. He has won lots of ‘star of the week’ awards at football training. Fin would benefit from a forever family where he would be able to live with his sister and grow up to have a happy life.”

Raheela Khan is a practice manager for adoption at SCST. She said: “The six children we are working to help are currently staying with wonderful foster carers but they’ve been waiting a long time now and would get so much from a ‘forever family’. It’s really important that we get the right match, and that can take time. National Adoption Week is a great campaign and we’re really hoping it will help to get the message out there. If anyone reading this is interested in adopting and would like to find out more about these lovely children, please do get in touch with our team on 01753 787628."