Small lanterns lit by flames lightened the evening at Herschel Park in Slough on Tuesday night - as 200 people gathered to remember and talk about beloved children they had lost.

It was the fifth Wave of Light ceremony organised by the Vishaal Foundation, founded by Slough councillor Madhuri Bedi in 2013 and named after her son who passed away when he was only one day old.

Cllr Bedi had been concerned this year that Monday's heavy rain would make it impossible for the flame lanterns which lend such atmosphere to the occasion to be used.

But she said: "Angels must have been looking out for us because it stayed dry all day."

Visiting bereaved parents wrote messages on the floating lanterns and released them into the lake.

Cllr Bedi still believes that there is a stigma about talking about a lost child that forces many bereaved parents to feel they can not open up about their loss.

She said: "I went up to everyone I saw there. People want to be held and to talk about the child they have lost. Our foundation gives them a chance to come together and talk about their loss.

"That child can be of any age. One lady there had lost her son at the age of 46 and was distraught.

"There were tears during the evening but why not? Why should people hide their tears?"

Music was provided by the choir Sing 4 You as people quietly lit their candles and shared their memories.

Cllr Bedi also thanked Slough Borough Council, the Aik Saath youth group, Knit Your Socks Off and E Sargeant's for supporting the event.