Police have promised that Slough 'will be closely monitored' after extended 'stop and search' powers were finally allowed to lapse on Wednesday afternoon after more than two weeks.

The 24 hour Section 60 orders allowed police to search people without the usual requirement for reasonable grounds across the entire borough of Slough. They were first introduced after a week of violence that saw a 15-year-old Elton Gashaj die from stab wounds in Salt Hill Park and a man in his 20s stabbed and injured in Langley.

The youthful ages of both Elton and 15-year-old subsequently charged with his murder shocked the town. A 17-year-old was charged with grievous bodily shocked relating to the Langley attack.

The first section 60 was introduced on Friday September 27 and renewed daily for a week until October 4. After a four day hiatus it was reintroduced on Tuesday last week and renewed daily until this Wednesday, finally lapsing after eight days.

Over 550 stop and searches were carried out under Section 60 and 18 people were arrested for offences including robbery, possession of weapons and possession of controlled substances.

Chief Inspector Lee Barnham, Deputy Police Commander for Slough said this week: "The situation in Slough will be closely monitored and if the grounds exist a new Section 60 will be instigated. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the community for supporting Slough Local Police Authority.

“You will continue to see an increased police presence in Slough as part of our commitment to prevent violence and the carrying of weapons.

“Enforcement is important but we also know the value of early intervention and prevention to combat serious violence.

“We are working closely with our partners to tackle knife crime."

Rob Deeks, chief executive of Aik Saath - the Slough based community youth group set up in 1999 to combat youthful violence in the town - said: "Slough is a cohesive community. I have had so many messages from people wanting to help, saying 'what can we do?

"It is difficult when things like this happen. People want to stop it quickly but it's a long, drawn out process that involves tackling root problems."

Last weekend a 'mothers together' walk against knife crime through Slough organised by mother of four Julie Siddiqi ended at Salt Hill Park where Elton died.