Modern slavery is closer to all of us than we realise.

That is the warning from Josie Wragg, joint chairman of Safer Slough Partnership. She said: "No-one should live a life feeling scared, intimated and trapped at the hands of someone else. However the reality is that modern slavery is happening across the country and here in Slough."

She appealed to people be aware of it, saying: “If you think you know of someone who may be victim of modern slavery, or believe you are victim yourself, report it now – there is help available.”

Superintendent Sarah Grahame, joint chair of the Safer Slough Partnership, said: “The great thing about the Safer Slough Partnership is that we can pool resources and ideas and develop campaigns such as this one, to have a greater impact across the town.

“A key priority for us is tackling modern slavery, but we need the help of our residents to report it. If you suspect anyone is the victim of domestic servitude, forced labour, criminal exploitation or sexual exploitation your call could make a massive difference to the lives of victims and the circumstances they find themselves in.”

Call 0800 0121 700 or for further information visit