An angry mum says that her nine-year-old daughter was left frightened and lost by a bus driver who was supposed to take her safely home.

Lyudmila Bergin says that her daughter Francesca has been regularly collected by the Fernhill coach company from Trevelyan School in Windsor and dropped off at Bunces Close, Eton Wick where she lives. She always texts her mother at work to let her know she is safely home.

But on October 17 Ms Bergin says that the bus took a different route and her daughter and another girl were told to get off at the final stop on the border of Eton Wick and Dorney.

 She said: "Luckily my daughter had her mobile phone with her. When she called me she could not even tell where she was. The other girl did not have her phone and could not even inform her parents what had happened.

"The girls had to walk around to find clues as to where they were. Finally they saw the sign for Dorney - they were so scared and confused."

She said she had to drive back from London and it was an hour before she was able to get to Francesca and to the other girl, who she dropped off safely home as well.

She said: "I just can't describe the feelings and emotions when you don't know where your child is."

Ms Bergin says she now takes her daughter to and from school herself. But she says she is angry at the response she got when she complained.

A spokesman at Fernhill told the Observer the company did not want to comment.