A boxing coach has warned people not to give cash to anybody who pretends to be from the club.

He said he has heard from people who have donated £10, £20 and even £50 towards a fundraiser for Slough Boxing Club, which doesn’t exist.

It’s the latest incident in what appears to be a string of many.

The boxing club in Cippenham, just off Mercian Way, is run by volunteers.

One of the club coaches, Peter Olszewski, explained that they have held a fundraiser in the past – after one of its members passed away.

However, since then, they have run as usual – generating income through membership fees.

The club works like other sports clubs where subs are paid per session.

He said: “We are completely self-funded.

“The club relies on community support and its run by volunteers.

“It’s not the first time that something like this has it’s happened.

“A similar thing happened when somebody was pretending to be the club collecting donations around the area three or four years ago, they were knocking on doors as well.

“They actually raised a lot of money, from what I hear from people who get in touch.

“At the time police were involved and it all went quiet.

“But this time, it’s started happening in London weirdly.

“We realised it was happening because people have been getting in touch saying they want to come to a fundraising event.

“We’re saying ‘what fundraising event?’

“They’re even saying they’re handing over big sums of cash, like £20 and £50 notes to these guys.

“It’s just wrong.”

The club coach took to the boxing club’s Facebook page to warn the 400 members about the situation.

It said: “Sadly we’ve had reports of people fraudulently collecting charitable donations for the club. Please note we do not have anything to do with these people and we are not involved in any charitable collections.”

Mr Olszewski added: “When I posted it, that’s when I had messages in my inbox of people saying they also gave money.

“We’ve told people to get in touch with the police.”