I have taken on the challenge of ‘all you can eat’ more than I’d like to admit.

I usually end up at a buffet to solve the dilemma of having to choose just one type of food to eat.

Many, I have found, let me disappointed without a real variety of food on offer – which is why I was pleased to stop off at Tangs in Slough.

It’s confusing opening times have made me chicken out in the past.

During the week it closes at 3.30pm for a couple of hours, on Saturday it opens up twice and on Sunday its open all day.

Despite this, the queues outside are a reassuring sign that its worth the wait.

Entering through an unassuming set of doors next to the cinema, the first thing I notice is that its interiors are pretty swish.

There are garlands wrapped around the ceiling poles, floral lampshades and even a water feature by the window – which, sure, looks out onto Slough’s high street… but it’s a nice touch.

I’ve eaten here before, though the last time might have been about a year ago.

I remember it being a hit – urging hungry friends to go, so I had high hopes for my visit.

After paying £10.99 each to get inside, me and Will end up at the bar ordering their version of a Fanta at £2.60 a pint.

Although the etiquette isn’t very clear, we both grab a plate and start loading up.

The place is huge, there’s loads of seats and two main bars of food – but the presentation of the whole thing is a bit basic.

There’s a small shelf of sushi, a Chinese/ South East Asian section, a European counter – and even a bar with garlic bread, pizza and onion rings.

There’s also a grill where one of the chefs cooks steak or seafood in front of you.

I felt a bit fancy as I asked for the squid – though admittedly it was stored in a questionable old ice cream tub.

The food is never going to be the same taste and quality as what you’d expect in a specialist Thai or Chinese, but for around a tenner a head (£8 for lunch at a weekend, £13 for dinner and cheaper prices on a weekday) there’s a lot of food.

In the end me and Will had about three plates of food and two plates of dessert each.

Working out at around £2 a plate – it’s a very reasonable price given the variety you can’t usually find under one roof.

Resisting the temptation to mix it up too much, Will got mostly chicken and noodles.

I went back for duck pancakes – complete with spring onions, cucumber and hoisin sauce – which is surely worth the price of the meal alone?

There was barely enough room for the mini deserts – though the selection on offer was good enough for anybody, even your fussy mates, with a whole fruit table, jellys, cheesecake, and a chocolate fountain – which the kids can monopolise on.

The team offered a speedy service, dashing around after each course clearing up the plates (as if by magic!).

Weirdly though we did only have option of using a spoon or a fork.

I don’t think it will be expecting a Michelin star anytime soon, but for the amount of food they have from all over the world – the restaurant is great value for money – and a good option for everybody to eat at.