Fitness expert Leon Mitchell is shaping up to compete in the final of the World Natural Bodybuilding Championships in Toulouse, France, this Saturday.

The 35-year-old manager at the easyGym Slough in the Queensmere, Observatory shopping centre will be competing in the middleweight class.

Leon, who has been in charge at the gym for the past 18 months, is looking forward to taking part against the best natural bodybuilders from around the world.

In recent weeks, Leon has had a double triumph in the Mike Williams Classic held in York. He took top spot in the middleweight division and was then judged overall champion in the competition.

He followed this up last weekend when he was runner-up in the British Natural Bodybuilding Championships in Manchester which has taken him on to the world stage.

Leon says: “I am really excited to be taking part in such a amazing event. The quality of the competitors is going to be excellent but it is up to me to give my best performance on the day."

Recently, Leon spent several weeks overseeing the opening of easyGym’s franchise gym in Nairobi - the first of several set to open across Africa.