The Green Party has selected Julian Edmonds as its prospective parliamentary candidate for Slough in the forthcoming General Election.

He has lived in the constituency for the last nine years and is a consultant who helps businesses save energy. He stood as the Green Party candidate in the 2015 general election in Slough.

He said: “In announcing their candidates, the other parties made no mention of the most important issue facing us: the climate emergency. Today we face an enormous challenge in decarbonising our society, but the longer it is delayed the more it will cost us. Only the Green Party is willing to face up to this challenge.

“We also have an international co-operation emergency that must be fixed before the climate emergency can be dealt with effectively. It’s called Brexit. If elected to represent Slough I will work to stop Brexit, or to restore our freedom of movement if we have already left. I have lived for several years in Hungary and am married to a Hungarian, which gives me a good understanding of the issues faced by EU citizens in the UK.”