A homeless man who sleeps rough in Slough and Windsor has gone viral on Facebook after asking for a job.

Mark Delaney is a handyman who carries his own tools around with him – alongside a sleeping bag and a spare pair of clothes.

He said he’s ‘desperate’ for a ‘proper’ job and somewhere to live after watching so many of his friends pass away while living on the streets.

He said: “Homelessness is a big problem in Slough and Windsor and it’s getting worse and worse.

“I have experienced lots and lots of deaths and I’m really scared I’m going to be next.

“I just want some security again. I’ve been homeless for too long now.

“I’m surprised I’m still alive. I’m really desperate.”

Mr Delaney was pictured sitting in a doorway in Windsor wrapped up in layers and a blanket, in a post that has now been shared more than 12,300 times.

The appeal, which was written on a piece of cardboard said: “Facebook I would love a job.”

He told us: “I do painting and decorating and I’m very good – I have got two references and I have all the tools.

“I have paint brushes, rollers, dust sheets – it’s a lot of weight.

“I carry them around with me – at the moment I haven’t got a tent. I’m looking to get one but I do having a sleeping bag.

“I also carry round some clothing.”

He said that he’s also got green-fingers and dabbles in a spot of gardening – explaining he can put his hand to most jobs that need doing around the home.

He said: “I can drive too – it’s a bit of a waste at the moment because I have no address so I have to try and find another way of getting my licence.”

He added: “I’m 57 years old – nearly 58 in June. All I’m trying to do is get a proper job."

Every day he tries to get enough money together to get some shelter for the night, but sometimes he has no luck.

The Facebook post has also racked up more than 680 likes.

One lady commented on the post: “Mark has just finished painting my outhouse inside and out. He is a lovely guy can highly recommend his work.”

You can reach Mark on 07947 328722.