The proposed new Town Council for Central Windsor should also cover Clewer and Dedworth supporters agreed last week.

Pressure is continuing to build on the Royal Borough to allow a new 'parish' style authority to be set up to represent the interests of people and businesses in central Windsor. It would have the same powers and responsibilities as the parish councils that represent villages in the Royal Borough such as Datchet, Wraysbury, Bray and Eton.

At a meeting of the group proposing the new Windsor Town Council last week members agreed that pressing for three smaller parishes comprising Windsor Town Centre, Spital and Clewer areas was not practical. They opted firmly for one Town Council covering all three, ensuring an umbrella for the co-ordination of events and providing effective support.

Members were determined though that a new authority should not cost Council Tax payers any more money and believe it could work well without this.

A petition with 1,661 signatures is required before the Royal Borough can legally consider sanctioning the new Town Council. This target is well on the way to being met but supporters have until December 27 to add their names by visiting

If given the go-ahead the new authority would have responsibility for recreational areas, cemeteries, allotments, bus shelters and open spaces among other specifically local amenities.