A HOMELESS man has thanked the public for making him feel ‘valued’ and getting behind him after he went viral asking for a job.

Mark Delaney sleeps rough on the streets of Slough and Windsor but has a dream of setting up his own decorating business.

He carries around his own tools with him, alongside a sleeping bag and a spare pair of clothes.

Last week he said he was ‘desperate’ for a secure roof over his head after watching so many of his friends pass away while living on the streets.

Since the story he said he has been called more than 100 times, but sadly only a couple of the calls have led to any work.

He said: “A kind lady has paid for me to stay in a BnB until Sunday, so that’s where I am at the moment.

“She’s just a member of the public, but as of Sunday I’ll be back on the streets.

“Everybody has made me feel really valued and part of the community.

“Because I have somewhere to stay I can walk around without carrying all my stuff just normally, which gets really heavy normally. It’s hard work doing that – it’s just torture.

“Ultimately I want to set up a decorating business and I’ve had a lot of people calling me, there’s been a lot of response.

“But I still need the security of a roof over my head and more jobs.

“I really appreciate everybody that’s called. I have got 140 calls a day, I know it sounds crazy I’m not exaggerating.”

He explained that he hasn’t always lived on the streets, he worked for various companies and a decorating business set up by his family in Scotland.

He said: “Living on the streets – most people don’t know what its like and it’s hard to imagine but it is just a nightmare.

“I haven’t always been like this.”

He explained what life was like living on the streets – he charges his phone at high-street shops that can do it for him quickly and can eat using schemes set up by local charities.

The 57-year-old said: “I just want to get a room and a more permanent place over my head – once I’ve got an address I can apply for a job and apply for my driving licence.”