A mum whose house is so damp her 10-year-old son cannot sleep in his own bedroom says she is in despair.

Agnieszka Kazubowska, 30, and her son Oskar moved into their council home in Stafford Avenue, Slough in September - after four months in temporary accommodation while Slough Borough Council carried out necessary improvements to get it ready.

But she says the home she finally moved into is riddled with damp in every room.

An email from contractors working for the council confirmed 'there is a leak coming from your roof'. But she says the council's only reaction has been to supply her with a humidifier that has failed to make any difference.

She said: "My son's room is so damp I have had to make up a bed for him in the living room. He had a sore throat because of the dampness.

"On Sunday he called out 'mum,mum'. I ran into the bathroom and the sink next to the lavatory had gone through the floor - there is now a hole in the floor. It is not safe.

"I thought the council was supposed to take people out of conditions like this not put them into these conditions."

She said a council employer who came round did not even go into the attic despite her telling him she had an email from council contractors Osborne confirming that their plumber found a leak coming from the roof.

She said the authority had cancelled two appointments and that she had been told no-one would be coming to do repairs until half way through December.

A spokesman for Slough Borough Council said: “We are sorry for the issues in this case which is currently the subject of a complaint being investigated as per the council’s complaints procedure. Initially, it was believed a roof repair would solve the problems but a surveyor visited Ms Kazubowska and deemed that the issues could be rectified with extra loft insulation and a dehumidifier, which has been provided. The insulation is being installed on December 13.”