SEGRO, the owner of the Slough Trading Estate, is seeking 40 members of the public to feature in a campaign to mark its 100th anniversary next year.

The company, which was formed in May 1920, is creating a series of short video interviews to tell the story of the estate through the decades. It wants to hear from anyone who worked there, lived nearby, or who had friends and family who spent time on the estate in order to create a trip down memory lane.

The project is being led by Dom Unsworth, local film maker and CEO of Resource Productions, a Slough-based social enterprise which aims to find, train up and support underrepresented groups in the creative industries and enable social change through telling stories not covered by the mainstream media.

Ms Unsworth said: “The Slough Trading estate is part of the town’s fabric and has touched the lives of many thousands of people through the years. We want to get under the surface and hear people’s stories, things like which buildings and businesses do they remember and why? How did they travel to and from work? What kinds of jobs did they do? How did they socialise on the estate?”

Anyone who would like to contribute should contact