A courageous fitness trainer who led weekly 'big community' workout sessions in Salt Hill Park and played fairy godmother in pantomime after being diagnosed with terminal cancer has lost her battle against the disease.

Lea Parris-Cambridge, 49, - also known as Lisa - received the devastating news two and a half years ago that the breast cancer initially diagnosed a decade earlier had spread to her liver, bowel and spine.

Her reaction then was to achieve a lifetime's ambition to appear in a pantomime and play the part of Fairy Wonderwings in the Colnbrook based drama group CAST's 2016 Christmas show.

This was typical of her positive approach.

After spotting an advert for people to train as 'fitness activators' she then went on to run the Big Community Workout every Saturday morning at Salt Hill Park in Slough.

She has never let illness grind her down.

She told the Observer last year: "When I was in hospital after my first operation I read an article about somewhere I knew well, Nevis in the Caribbean. It was my dad's island and I had spent a year there with my son doing fitness training. I had been on television there and people knew me.

"The article made me aware after my own operation that the island had nothing in the way of basic cancer facilities. So I went back and started a charity called the Pink Lily Cancer care to raise awareness.

"I had to do something bigger than me that was not about me."

She died at Windsor's hospice in Hatch Lane, Windsor on December 1 - leaving her husband Kendol, grown-up son Ethan and daughters Lilli, eight and Mia, seven.

Her family are happy to add their support to the hospice's current Raise the Roof campaign to raise £3million needed to complete the new 'state of the art' home being built near Bray due to open next year - it has now reached the one and a half million pound halfway mark.

To donate £5 text RAISE to 70970 or to donate £10 text RAISE to 70191.