A six week project to get the public to write slogans, love letters and poems to Slough to adorn the walls of the HOME community and art centre reached its climax on Saturday.

During that time artist R.M. Sánchez-Camus (aka Marcelo) and his assistant Alex Parry took over the shop with their 'text take over' event - working with local groups including Friends in Need group (part of MIND), Aik Saath and the Slough Happiness Collective to create a large visual installation.

Marcelo said “The aim of the project was to create a space where we could take smaller more intimate and personal pieces of text people write and make it feel like a work of art.”

On Saturday Marcelo and Alex hosted a closing exhibition to celebrate the amazing people who had shared their voice. There was even a Community Open Mic for those inspired to read their work.

Sat Battoo who volunteers with Friends in Need said “We took part in the workshops to write love letters to Slough – people have come and poured their hearts out and then seeing their work on the walls, gives a great deal of pleasure to many.Slough is so diverse, projects like this bring the community together and anything that brings the community together is a great thing!”

Alex Parry said “This project has allowed a depth of people’s experiences and who they are to come through and from that you see how amazing and complex and rich people’s life experience is.”

R.M. Sánchez-Camus (Marcelo) said “In the era that we are living in, it feels more important than ever to protect the power of multiculturalism and the power of communities living together side by side and having spaces where various different kinds of people can come together. I felt that it was an incredibly welcoming place, especially for people from all different nationalities.”