Auditions are being held this week for Windsor Theatre Guild's next show - a powerful drama by one of Spain's greatest playwrights.

Blood Wedding by Federico Garcia Lorca will be staged at the Old Court Art Centre in St Leonard's Road between March 31 and April 4.

Auditions are being held at Braywood School Hall in Oakley Green Road tomorrow night (Tuesday, January 7) and Thursday (January 9) at 7.30pm.

Blood Wedding is a tale of love that can never become marriage among the primitive hill people of Castile in 1920 - a drama of primitive passions and tribal ritual that leads to a tragic end.

There is a strong element of Romeo and Juliet as the bride in the play is hopelessly in love with a man from a family who is her prospective bride groom's deadly enemy. There is a flight into the woods and a lethal and fatal encounter between the two men.

The play has an ensemble cast of up to 20 people required to play a wide variety of ages with a good balance of male and female roles. Next year marks the 100th birthday of the play's first performance.

It will be directed by Anna Jones, who was responsible for this year's open air production of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream by the Guild.

She said: "I have long loved this landmark and beautifully poetic play for its heightened symbolism and theatricality and down to earth universal themes of love and loss."