Datchet Morris Men had an unexpected addition to their ranks on Boxing Day when a toddler in the crowd joined in with their traditional Mummers' Play - leaping to the defence of 'King George'.

The Morris Men always stage a dance display on the Green on Boxing Day, before staging their Mummers' Play.

A cast of traditional characters this year included King George and Father Christmas - as well as the villains of the piece Beelzibub and the Turkish king who 'kill' George in battle, before he is revived by Doctor Quack and makes a triumphant comeback.

This time though there was a twist.

The Morris Men's foreman Keith Walker said: "The highlight of the show came when a youngster in the crowd leapt to King George's defence and chased the Turkish Knight round in circles until unceremoniously dragged off by his mum! It caused an uproar."

The bright sunny weather that enlivened Christmas Day did not last until Boxing Day unfortunately but enough villagers braved the light drizzle to provide an appreciative audience for the mummers' performances.

Mr Walker said: "We just finished in time before the rain became heavier. We would like to thank everyone who turned out to suppport us."