The family of stabbing victim Mohammed Aman Ashraq, 18, have paid tribute to him.

Mohammed died after suffering a fatal stab wound in Benjamin Lane, Wexham on January 4.

Two 18-year-old teenagers have been charged with murder.

His family this week released a statement describing Mohammed as calm, supportive and respectful towards everyone.

They said: "He was funny and loved goofing around with his siblings. He had plans for the future and was working really hard to achieve his goals. He wanted to be a professional boxer.

“A few months back, after winning a very important match, Mohammed asked his mom for a cake as a reward as he had been on a very strict diet for months.

“He used to train his sisters for boxing and helped them to work out. They miss his laughter. He used to bring joy to the family. His youngest sister called him "Amani" and she was his favourite. They used to play video games together and they will all miss his hugs."

The family says Mohammed's brother is in a state of disbelief.

"He can't sleep in his room any more as the bed next to his is empty. The brothers used to share the same room.

“Mohammed helped his grandmother in moving around. He was her support. Her support is gone now. She still thinks Mohammed will come back.

“Since the day of the incident, his dad cannot look at Mohammed's picture as he cannot bear the pain of the loss.

“We cannot understand why someone would do such a terrible thing to us. We were never involved in anything bad. We are a peaceful family."

His family said Mohammed was a helper and friend to his mother.

"He used to massage his mom's shoulders while she cooked food in the kitchen and at night he massaged her feet.

“No one should have to go through this.

“The whole family would like to thank their friends, relatives and local community who have showed great support to them.

“We are receiving food, bouquets and cards from so many people that we don't have words to express our gratitude."