Fire station managers from Slough and Langley have described how they helped after debris from the roof of a block of flats at 217 to 272 Slough High Street crashed down into the road.

They received the call shortly before 6pm. Two fire engines and a specialist vehicle rushed to the scene, led by station officers Chris Hutton and Andy Gibbins.

Station Officer Hutton said: "A large roof structure had blown off the building and landed in the middle of the High Street. Our first priority after making sure no-one was trapped underneath it was to help police set a cordon up."

Luckily it is believed no-one was hurt.

Station Officer Gibbins said: "Then we had to make sure more nothing else came down or blow off anywhere else. The wind was still gusty and the roof was still visibly lifting.

"We thought at first it might have been a temporary structure but it was part of the main aluminium roof that had come down.

"It did not affect the main structure of the building"

"People naturally wanted to come out of the building but we were telling to stay inside - which was much safer, as there was more of a risk outside of more debris falling on them.

Firefighters were on the scene for two hours.